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Generalistic Fediverse instance welcoming everyone, aiming to have a mixed english, dutch and french local timeline. We don't have any specific theme, you are free to talk to everyone and about whatever you want.

We have few rules, but keep in mind that you're responsible about what you post.

Rules :
  • Your posts should respect Belgian and European laws,
  • No discrimination,
  • No spam,
  • You can post NSFW content, but use #nsfw or Content Warning,
  • Only humans are allowed (no bot),
  • No commercials accounts, with the exception for non-profit organisations/projects.
The configuration of babelut.be is made with security and privacy in mind. For example :
  • The connection between you and the instance is secure,
  • We store web server logs for 90 days,
  • We do not use any third party analytics or tracking services.