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Ok fairly popular topic right now but keep reading :)

Some tips and suggestions to improve your remote calls experience

But Aaron's blog is particularly interesting on various other topics ! You may want to have a look.

In particular (and if I got it correctly?), Aaron is perfectly integrated to the fediverse with a custom support of ActivityPub : !

Brilliant :)

Thanks a lot Aaron for sharing all those experiences with us !

Des animaux sauvages en 3D pratiquent des sports conçus pour les humains.

Dans ce numéro : une autruche est l'assistante d'un pongiste grande gueule.

Doka-Photo : pour éditer et retoucher rapidement ses images, directement dans son navigateur.
Pas d'inscription, pas d'envoi de fichier en ligne, le traitement de l'image se fait localement dans votre navigateur, très simple d'emploi.

Avec une présentation complète de cet excellent outil (qui fonctionne également très bien sur smartphone) :

Is this a joke ? After a regular OS upgrade, Thunderbird has been upgraded to 68.2.2 and *none* of the extension is compatible with the new version ?!

The Internet Archive Makes 2,500 More Classic MS-DOS Video Games Free to Play Online:

Alone in the Dark, Doom, Microsoft Adventure, and Others

Je viens de découvrir le projet OpenEmoji.
Un projet de set d’émojis indépendant et libre de droit, initié par des étudiants d'une école d'art allemande.
➡️ ⬅️

You know why all the old software people liked IRC?

Because when you wanted to ask a question in some channel you'd never been to before, you didn't have to spend 10 minutes going through forms to set up account usernames & passwords and unsubscribing from newsletters and alerts like you have to today with the damn web forum software you think is so great.

Brillante présentation sur le manque de cohérence et l'absurdité de l'orthographe française. Et l'importance de comprendre qu'il ne s'agit que d'un moyen et pas un but en soi.

D'autres références de mes deux compatriotes qui vous interpelleront sans doute:

Et leur site sur la révision du participe passé :

Merci à Arnaud Hoedt et Jérôme Piron, j'aurais apprécié pouvoir trouver vos comptes sur le fediverse.

Calibre / eBook Management 

Calibre is great tool to manage your e-books and upload them seamlessly to your device.

It was especially difficult to upload anything to our Kindle ; Amazon is - of course - making this complicated-yet-possible. Calibre will convert and upload the book in a single click.

As there are many many options and the software has originally be designed in 2006, you may find the UI a bit complicated and old-fashioned to start with but the documentation is very complete and accurate so the learning curve is not that steep. The available videos are also particularly helpful.

Certainly a must have for readers.

Thanks to Kovid Goyal for this great piece of work! I wished I could find your fediverse account !

#ebooks #calibre #libre


In the multi-column interface (FE) of the standard Mastodon, is there any way to have all toots that are NOT in any of the other configured lists ?

Simple tool to massively rename files from the command line on GNU/Linux based systems:

And in particular, changing the extension of a file:

rename 's/\.xyz$/.abc/' **

Thanks Abhishek Prakash, I wished I could find your Fediverse account.

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