Brillante présentation sur le manque de cohérence et l'absurdité de l'orthographe française. Et l'importance de comprendre qu'il ne s'agit que d'un moyen et pas un but en soi.

D'autres références de mes deux compatriotes qui vous interpelleront sans doute:

Et leur site sur la révision du participe passé :

Merci à Arnaud Hoedt et Jérôme Piron, j'aurais apprécié pouvoir trouver vos comptes sur le fediverse.

The Mother of All Demos

Exactly 50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart made a demonstration in San Francisco of almost all the fundamental elements of modern personal computing, including a computer mouse.

Thanks to all those pioneers that made the world we know today ; will we have the same inspiration for the next genetations ?

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Want to be a proud owner of the greatest Table Tennis team of the world ?

Try :-)

Table Tennis Manager is a browser game, which is focused on the area of table tennis and simulates the management of the players own table tennis club. At the same time, the game tries to get as close to the real table tennis scene as possible, but still has to be as exciting and balanced as possible.

Very nice 404 page:

Does someone has a free of rights picture of a broken TT racket image that I could reuse for TT applications ?

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